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The Best and Most Simple Asian Style Dinner

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Seriously mouth watering. Seriously easy. Serious Crowd Pleaser.

All wonderful things a mama wants to hear when she is prepping dinner for her family. Because let's be honest. Our kitchen can't possibly function under the BK Lounge motto "have it your way" when there are so many ways to be had every night. So let's get into this one!

You'll need a cast iron skillet or stove top/oven safe pan for easiest clean up.

We did as follows...

Preheat oven to 400F.

  1. Prep 10 Chicken Thighs (Bone in and skin on are the best for flavor. But if you are wanting to make serving littles easier get boneless.) with a little salt and pepper. Place into a hot skillet coated with 3 TBS sesame oil and 4 TBS Olive Oil. Cook until the skin starts to brown. Then place into preheated oven for roughly 20mins. **It serves to note that this much oil is completely preferential for us while cooking with Cast Iron. I wouldn't change the sesame amount if you use different pans though as brings a big smack of flavor that is needed for this dish.

  2. In a separate bowl combine:

1 cup Orange Juice

1 cup Teriyaki Sauce (we just used lower sodium Great Value for this)

2 TBS garlic powder

1 TBS onion powder

2 TBS soy sauce (again, lower sodium Great value does great with this)

1 cup brown sugar

-Whisk until it is thoroughly combined

3. While your chicken is baking, prepare an appropriate amount of your favorite rice.

This will be served under or on the side of your chicken. I opted for side, and topped

with some of the sauce renderings and sesame seeds for a little "fancier"

presentation. For us, we prefer Jasmine rice. Also, for us, an appropriate amount of

rice at dinner for our crew of 8 varies between 3-4cps depending on hunger levels or

if we want a couple left over lunches for the next day.

4. After 20mins of bake time is over, add your sauce mixture to the chicken,

evenly pouring across the pan. Then return to oven and bake for the remaining 15-20

mins or until fully cooked.

That's it. SO EASY.

I did serve this with a side of wilted spinach and home made kimchi. The spinach was simply wilted in sesame oil and evoo and lightly salted and red peppered while cooking. Super tasty, quick and easy side. Because it doesn't get 'mushy my kiddos will eat this great. But just go easy on the red pepper if you have a sensitivity to spice. It does get a hotter burn the longer it is heated.


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