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Mama's Layered Biscuits

Updated: May 9, 2023

Prep Time: 30mins Cook Time: 23 mins Bake Temp: 400 F


4 cups All Purpose Flour

4 tsp baking soda

4 tsp baking powder

1 TBS salt

1 TBS garlic powder

1 tsp cracked black pepper

1 cup Buttermilk or whole milk

1 1/3 cups water

2 sticks of cold cubed butter


1) Combine all dry ingredients

2) Cut in the cold butter

3) Roll out onto floured surface until 1/4" thick; fold over into thirds and repeat 4 times

4) Cut into 1/2" biscuit rounds and place on parchment lined baking dish

5) Freeze for 10 mins

6) Bake for 23 mins or until golden brown and flaky

Helpful Tip:

Try to touch the dough with your hands as little as possible. The colder the butter at bake time, the flakier the biscuits!

* pairs great with pepper jelly! For a traditional biscuit that pairs best with fruity spreads, simply omit the garlic and


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