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Big Boards

This is a charcuterie board for lunch. I try to keep it fairly inexpensive (score for Aldi here), but still offer a wide variety of snackage to graze on or sit and enjoy for lunch. Now, this is not a board I would use for entertaining. The meats are just sliced lunch meat from the deli or out of a prepacked container I've rolled up with some black or green olives (my kiddos LOVE these. If your kids don't then save the money and don't use them unless you want them for yourself). There are whatever berries, grapes and apples that were on sale sliced and arranged with one or two different 1lb cheese bricks I cut up myself. I will use a couple different crackers so there is a bit of variety. Usually something like Clubhouse, Triscuits and Ritz. My kids also really love fresh baguettes so occasionally I'll slice one up and toast it in a pan with EVOO. The only thing to remember is that this is going as a lunch when I make these. So I do make a plate for each person and a smaller board to get seconds from. When I use these as my lunches I make sure to do so on a day when we will have heavier breakfast, dinners and snacks. These are totally subject to creative liberties and personal preference so have fun with it. This is also a great meal to let the littles help put together as there is minimal cutting and lots of touching involved.

Mom Hack (?):

I've found with meals like this, the more color and help I allow to take place in the prep the better my picky eaters will eat. This means veggies and fruits that normally get snubbed get thoroughly enjoyed. The sheer fact that they made it and they are proud of it is super encouraging, but there is also an incredible variation of flavor combos they can 'cook' while eating it too! So let them have fun with it.

***the board pictured has black forrest ham, habenero and mozzarella cheese sticks from Aldi, strawberries, Ritz crackers and a seasoned onion cracker (Aldi), dates, apple slices, cherry tomatos, chip dip, and carrots***

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