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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

I'm Holly. Momma to 6 babies and wife to my best friend and high-school sweetheart. I love Jesus, my family, all things coffee, dreaming, creativity, traveling, cultivating home where ever we may land, personal growth and sleep. I really love sleep. Mostly because I miss it so much, but hey, when you exchange a couple hours a night for more of the things above I count it joy!

I'm a new face in North Alabama and I am loving it here. We recently left all we've every known as a family in Northwest Florida this past year, in the middle of utter craziness and pandemics. I'm sure you're wondering why, and for us it's a super simple answer. God said go. So we went. We sold almost all we owned and left our family (the WHOLE extended family lived in the same town), our friends, our church family and all we had worked our entire 10 years of marriage to follow a whisper from the Lord. Sounds like insanity. But so far, it's only been insanely beautiful and so life giving. We downsized from a 3000sf single family home to a roughly 1000sf duplex apartment for our family of 7 for our first year here. The entire first year could fill a book with all the miracles we saw take place in not just our family, but in the relationships the Lord put around us during that year. And whi knows, maybe a book will come from that?

Recently we purchased a beautiful home in the sweetest little town just outside of the Birmingham area and we are putting down roots for as long as we are here for. We decided to forego charm and character for a new build. We really felt it as a prophetic symbol for our family to this next season of dreaming, designing and building something new for us. This is also where we've since welcomed our 6th babe, making us a family of 8!! Lord knows, I have always dreamed of owning one of these 100 year old homes!

Hubs works with Tech and manages some pretty incredible projects doing some amazing things. He still works remotely with his Florida based company and that has been a huge blessing. Not just in the absence of worrying about finding income while moving in these hectic times, but having him in the home with us daily. Even though he is working, he is here and the kids and I can always pop our head around a corner and exchange pleasantries.

Him being home also allows him to be an active part of the kids home education. Once upon a time, he taught math 6-12 in the public school system. Math is not and has never been my area of expertise so I lean heavily into that skill set he has to teach the kids all things numbers. And they love having their daddy as their teacher!

Together, hubs and I desire to help foster personal and spiritual growth in those we come into contact with. We love to love big and remind people of their value and purpose in this life. Our goal is always growth and affirmation with all we meet, but most importantly our kiddos. They really are our why behind all we do. We firmly believe that no matter what God may have he and I do in this life, that our babies and home life are and will always be our first priority.

All in all there is really only one thing you need to remember.

In here, we're family. So welcome to the family. You're now a part of a crazy, fun, loud and growing clan. Know from this point forward you will always have someone in your corner. Cheering you on and Praying you onward. So get comfy and enjoy our journey.

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