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Simple Things.

I made my first batch of vegetable stock recently for soup season. Typically, I just buy stock, however we found a sweet farm near us on the mountain and got an amazing deal on produce this weekend. When I got home I realized just how many tomatoes 20lb of tomatoes are. In case you're wondering it's a lot! So I've been getting saucy this weekend. Spaghetti sauce with hidden veggies, stock off those renderings, enchilada sauce and lots of pico!

I love knowing this is nutrient dense food for our family with no junk. And it only took a day to yield quite a bit for our panty.

I've enjoyed learning how to do these things for our family. I've developed a deep desire to get back to the basics. To the roots of living. And the more I learn, the more my excitement grows to learn more.

Then it evolves into something more sacred.


Communion with Jesus. Led by Holy Spirit. In Awe and reverence for Yaweh. And enjoying the fruits of His love and provisions.

My desire to learn to can, farm or be self sufficient isn't rooted in fear of lack or fear of collapse (however, there is clearly a practical component to this lifestyle in either events coming to pass); but rather an enjoyment and pride that comes with doing things organically, thoughtfully and by hand.

So far since E's arrival, I've learned to:

1) bake bread from scratch 2) memorized a go to no-fail chocolate chip cookie recipe. Still undecided if Ima share these... 3) learned how to make and can bone broth 4) learned how to make stocks; and that there's a difference in bone broth and stock. 5) learned how to blanch and preserve veggies 6) make our own yogurt 7) ask a lot more intentional questions

8) function without coffee and no sleep 9) balance waiting and dreaming; well *ish. This one is a work in progress 10) really trust my hubs to run the house while I rest and heal 11) physically rest. Like actually sit down. Nap. Eat. Shower. Read. Repeat. For 3 weeks straight. And if I'm being honest. Taking that physical, mental and spiritual reset postpartum is probably what gave me the encouragement and energy to lean into learning these things when running to Walmart would be so much easier.

I think I'm simply falling more in love with living simply.

And simply living in family.

Simply rooted in Father, Spirit, Son.

Simply enjoying the dance.

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