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M is For Mama Ch.2

After mulling through last week's review, I've decided to pivot how I present these. I'm just going to write through my responses to each question. Leaving them so 'bulleted' (not even sure if that is a word or not?) made it feel super cold to me. Motherhood is such an all encompassing and nurturing subject that is a vulnerable and often challenging topic to discuss these days. So I just want to have the conversations in my head, on 'paper' with you <3

So here we go....

Motherhood is meant to be joyous. A continual celebration as we watch our children grow and become healthy and whole adults to contribute positively to society. Or at least it should be. In a world smothered under 'thou shalt and thou shalt nots' ringing in the department of opinion translated as fact; It becomes very hard to find joy when comparison is our measuring stick. Often, in my own life, I find there were times that I would avoid community all together because I was TERRIFIED of not measuring up and feeling that crushing weight of comparison day in and day out. All because of a 'mommy play date'. It created a very lonely first few years of motherhood. It wasn't until I embraced and settled into my skin as a mama that I really found the joy in the diversity of mothering styles and methods. I had to realize that I am not raising your kids, nor you mine, therefore, it SHOULD look different in the execution of how we parent.

How does that look different? It looks like us as mamas using our God-Given and unique talents and abilities to bless our families and those around us! Do you have the gift of hospitality? Then I imagine your home may feel and at times even, look like a scene from a Better Homes and Gardens catalog! *Swoon; I wish at times*.

Do you love to cook like I do? Then maybe your kids eat more diverse and exotic meals. Maybe even without complaint!

Do you thrive in the night hours? I can only imagine how peaceful bed time routines in your home must be with the extra energy to practice grace that time of day! (*totally releasing jealousy here!)

Are you a natural born teacher? Then I can imagine your kiddos all nuzzled up under your wing learning all the things on the daily. You probably even do really cool crafts?

But as you can see in all these examples, the narrative is based on what I can imagine based on my knowledge of giftings. That doesn't mean that IS what this will or should look like in your home. But with Christ at the center of your service, giving your gifting to bless your family, I'm sure whatever it is, it is wonderful!

I love administration and teaching and cooking. So this is what I pour out to my family. Sure there I times when other talents are required. Especially in the balancing of so many personalities and hats. But these are my bread and butter. So yes, our kiddos eat all kinds of different things. And because I find joy in cooking, I find it a pleasure to have them under me learning. Here I can also pull on my teacher hat. So if you don't enjoy it... your meals are going to look different than mine. And your kids will eat different than mine. But if you are doing your best to nourish their growing bodies- then that IS good too.

I also enjoy using these specific gifting's to love and serve others. I LOVE to take meals to people. I am gifting my time. My mental space. My resources. My prayers. It isn't inconvenient to me to love others in this space. Pulling your weeds or mowing your yard.... well that I may feel differently. But if you are like one of my dear friends- that would bring joy! It's all going to be perspective on what you consider your personality and gifts to be that determine how you love and minister to your family and others most commonly. Since we are all different and make up different parts of the body of Christ, then this should be different mama to mama.

But be sure that you are doing it! Don't keep for yourself what is meant for those most precious to you and those around you. What a wonderful way for them to bear witness to our Savior than through the ways He uniquely wired you to LOVE BIG!

Until next week sweet friend,


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