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Noccalula Falls

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

If you find yourself in the North Alabama area- specifically the Gadsden region- then you have to make time to see the falls! Bonus points if you can get in at Christmas when all the lights are out. Double bonus if I know you and you swing by or call us to join ;)

While the legend surrounding the falls may appear a tad bit morbid (Young Cherokee princess jumps to her death to escape a forced marriage- YIKES), the trails and falls are absolutely stunning. We've hiked this several times with all our littles in tow (ages 0-12) and find it to be as easy as they come as long as we aren't on trail shortly after rain. It tends to be super slick around that time since most of the trail to the falls is rocky terrain.

We always love going up under the falls. The temperature drops about 30 degrees give or take; at least it seems that way. The sound of the rushing water drowns out all the noise around you and you are just there. In a cave with the peripherals looking out and up. Surrounded by total peace. And the total thundering and relaxing roars of the waterfall. I love it. I joke with my husband when we visit that I just want to pack a hammock one night and camp under the falls; totally serious here.

I highly recommend this gem as an easy to beginner trail. Please don't take this as an expert hiker's advice as I am most certainly NOT that. I merely own a pair of Merrill's. But as a mama with kiddos who can only go so far before "are we done yets?!?!" begin to echo in choir fashion... this one is great. Perks to this one include but are not limited to....

  1. You can't hear complaining under the fall.

  2. It's beautiful.

  3. It's easy enough of a hike you don't miss the beauty.

  4. There are bathrooms and snacks available at the information station.

  5. Easy to access parking.

  6. Close to town and major parks for any shopping or 'town' enjoyment you may want afterwards.

This one stays on our afternoon hike list when we get a wild hair to just go. We love it.

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